Where Are You From & What's Your Country's Semiconductor legacy?

Hello Semicon Society :wave: Nissam here. This is just a little introduction and background information about the United Kindom and Nigeria’s history and legacy in the Semiconductor market. I have the privilege of being Nigerian and lived in the Uk for the past 6 years pursuing academics.
The United Kingdom has a notable semiconductor legacy marked by a rich history of innovation and contributions to the global electronics industry. Pioneering work in semiconductors can be traced back to figures like Sir John Bardeen and Sir William Shockley, who, along with Walter Brattain, played a crucial role in developing the transistor, a fundamental building block of modern electronics. The UK has also been home to influential semiconductor companies, including ARM Holdings, renowned for its low-power microprocessor designs, integral to countless mobile devices. Furthermore, the UK government and academia have supported materials science and semiconductor physics research. Today, the country continues to be a hub for cutting-edge research and development in semiconductor technology, ensuring its ongoing impact on the global semiconductor industry.

Nigeria’s semiconductor legacy is relatively limited. Nigeria has not been a major player in the semiconductor industry, and it hasn’t historically been known for significant semiconductor research, development, or manufacturing. The country’s focus has primarily been on other sectors of the economy, such as oil and agriculture. However, with advancements in technology and growing interest in STEM education, there may be opportunities for Nigeria to play a more significant role in the semiconductor industry in the future, especially as technology becomes increasingly integral to various aspects of modern life. It’s important to note that the semiconductor landscape can change rapidly, so the situation might have evolved since.


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I definitely think Africa will be a major player in the global economy soon. I’m interested to see the changes in the continent over the next several years. There’s already a lot of investment flowing into African countries from China and Korea.

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I am from Indonesia, and unfortunately there isn’t much semiconductor activity here, I believe even none. In the future it would be exciting to have Indonesia get involved in the industry, but I am sure it would take a lot of time as we are not ready for this.


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I’ve been reading about Indonesia and its drive towards industrial manufacturing, including the semiconductor industry.

Some reference:


Thanks for looking into this. I am aware of some of the pursuits some parties are looking to do involving my country, but personally I think this still needs some time. It would be cool to see the semiconductor industry rise like how the EV industry is here, not that fast but definitely beyond my expectations, but I think there are many things to consider to develop the industry here. Two main problems I can think of are the current semiconductor ecosystem in Indonesia and how to improve it and its urgency in comparison to other needs of Indonesia.

Regardless it is still very exciting to see that other countries see potential in Indonesia, which I do see as well, so hopefully there will be many partnerships and concrete plans for the industry here in the future.

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