Where Are You From & What’s Your Country’s Semiconductor Legacy?

Hello SemiconSociety family! :wave:

As our community continues to grow and bring together experts, enthusiasts, and learners from every corner of the globe, I thought it would be great to know more about the diverse backgrounds we all come from.

I hail from the vibrant nation of Korea, a country known for its technological prowess, especially in the semiconductor domain. Companies like Samsung and SK Hynix have significantly influenced the global semiconductor landscape with their innovations and market presence. The dedication to research, development, and production here is truly commendable.

I’m eager to learn about your countries! Where are you from, and what is your nation known for in the semiconductor industry, if at all?

Looking forward to getting to know our community even better!

P.S. Even if your country isn’t directly involved in semiconductor production, I’d love to hear about any related tech innovations or contributions it might be renowned for!



I come from Indonesia. It is not widely known for its semiconductor manufacturing industry. While we have a growing technology and electronics sector, semiconductor manufacturing has not been a primary focus of the country’s industrial development.

However, we do have a developing electronics and manufacturing sector, and it plays a role in the broader electronics supply chain. It is involved in the production of consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, and other electronic components. Additionally, our country has shown interest in fostering technology-related industries to promote economic growth.

While we may not have a significant legacy in semiconductor manufacturing, it does have the potential to contribute to the broader electronics and technology sectors as it continues to develop its industrial capabilities and workforce.

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Indonesia is a country that I am really interested in. I think there is a lot of potential there and it seems like Indonesia wants to grow their industrial sector, especially semiconductor manufacturing. Looking forward to potentially working with other Indonesian businesses soon!

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