New Roadmap Identifies Critical Semiconductor Research Priorities

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) has unveiled the Microelectronics and Advanced Packaging (MAPT) Roadmap. This roadmap addresses the critical research priorities and challenges essential for advancing the semiconductor industry in light of fundamental physical limits facing shrinking components. Aligned with the Decadal Plan for Semiconductors, the MAPT Roadmap seeks to overcome five seismic shifts in the industry related to smart sensing, memory, communication, security, and energy-efficient computing.

The roadmap emphasizes key research areas, including advanced packaging, 3D integration, electronic design automation, nanoscale manufacturing, new materials, and energy-efficient computing. It also underscores the significance of sustainability in information and communications technology, focusing on energy, environment, and workforce sustainability.

The success of the U.S. semiconductor industry has been greatly driven by investments from both the federal government and the private sector. The MAPT Roadmap underscores the importance of sustaining and expanding these investments to fuel the transformative technologies of the future, promising continued innovation and growth not only within the semiconductor industry but also throughout the global economy.

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You can find the MAPT Roadmap here:

I just downloaded it and am looking forward to going through it as soon as I can!