New Rapidus Cooperations

Rapidus, a Japanese semiconductor chimaker found in 2022, is partnering with the University of Tokyo and Leti, a french research institute, to pursue 1 nm process technology.

Previously, Rapidus has already set up collaboration with IBM and imec, a Belgian research institute, to achieve mass production of 2 nm chips by 2027. The 1 nm chips are projected to do the same in the 2030s.

Performance wise the 1 nm technology is expected to be around 10% - 20% more power efficient and computationally powerful.

Asides from these cooperations, last year Rapidus has also collaborated with other universities in Japan, including hte University of Tokyo, along with Riken, a Japanese research institute, to fom the Leading-Edge Semiconductor Technology Center (LSTC). LSTC has also set up collaboratio with Leti for 1.4 nm to 1 nm processes where LSTC will focus on evaluating test protoypes while Leti will explore new device structures.

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