Domestic Production of HBM Materials Gains Momentum in South Korea

Domestic Production of HBM Materials Gains Momentum

The South Korean semiconductor industry is experiencing a surge in domestic production of advanced materials for High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), often touted as next-generation DRAM. As Samsung Electronics and SK hynix amplify their HBM production capabilities, heightened technical advancements across the Korean semiconductor ecosystem are anticipated.

According to industry sources on Oct. 10, domestic material company Soulbrain is the exclusive supplier of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurry specifically for HBM to Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. This is the first public acknowledgment of Soulbrain’s specialized HBM slurry supply.

High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)

HBM materials refer to “High Bandwidth Memory” when talking about semiconductors, especially in the context of graphics and memory solutions.

HBM is a type of memory technology that offers significantly higher bandwidth than traditional DDR (Double Data Rate) memory solutions like DDR3, DDR4, or even GDDR (Graphics Double Data Rate) used in graphics cards.